Sunday, October 11, 2009

Additional Concerns about Project NEON

I have additional concerns about Project NEON. Please add this to my previous public statement. I am cc'ing this email to others for future litigation purposes.

(1) I have a concern about pedestrian safety on Martin Luther King Blvd. from Charleston northward. What will the speed limit be on MLK? Where will pedestrians be able to safely cross MLK, and how far apart will the crosswalks be?

(2) What will be the effect of the expansion of MLK on the air quality and noise at the Agassi School?

(3) What will access be like for people who live on small streets that currently connect to MLK? Will you close these streets to MLK? If not, how safe will it be to get onto MLK from these streets, particularly streets such as McWilliams, Madison, Wyatt, Jimmy, Hart,Hassell, Lawry, Balzar, Bartlett,Blankenship, Miller, Pontiac, June, Windsor, Rev Wilson, and Brooks?

(4) It looks to me that the project will remove low cost housing and perhaps several churches. How EXACTLY will displaced people be moved to housing that is affordable and close to work and services? How EXACTLY will this displacement be documented?

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