Friday, August 13, 2010

Project NEON and the MLK-Industrial Connector "Dangerous By Design"

Dear Representatives of the City of Las Vegas, Clark County RTC, NDOT, FHWA, and EPA,

Part of Project NEON calls for a connector between Industrial Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard. I am asking again for local, state, and federal agencies to address their strategies to mitigate the potential dangers of placing an inter-city connector that travels through West Las Vegas--a working-class community of color.

I have not received a substantive response from any of your agencies about Project NEON. Even worse, NDOT has refused to acknowledge they have any role in creating a greater danger to West Las Vegas residents.

Given NDOT's and the City of Las Vegas' histories of environmental injustice in West Las Vegas, particularly from 1956 to the present, I hope you will address this issue sooner than later. If you are unaware of the documented history I am speaking of, please let me know.

Dahn Shaulis, Ph.D.

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